Technical Training

Please check your team’s training schedule for the training jersey to wear on each day. Also, NO OUTDOOR CLEATS. Please wear indoor flats or turfs for winter training. If your son or daughter cannot attend their team’s training time, please email Nick Michaels > to check if there is another day/time/team that your child can come train with. Remember, these trainings are all built into your club fees, but it is very important that your child attends these to continue on their development pathway to prepare for the spring season.

09 Grey Girls09 Grey Boys
09 Silver Girls09 Silver Boys
08 Grey Girls08 Grey Boys
07 Red Girls08 Silver Boys
07 Black Girls07 Red Boys
06 Red Girls06 Red Boys
05 Red Girls06 Black Boys
04 Red Girls05 Red Boys
04 Red Boys
      03 Red Boys
     03 Black Boys
01 Red Boys
00 Red Boys
00 Black Boys
99 Red Boys