Crusader Cup Finalists & Champions

Crusader Cup Finalists & Champions

Kingdom Soccer Club showed its dominance as it took over the 2013 USA Hawks Cup this past weekend in Oak Brook, IL. Overall the club had 12 teams qualify for their respective Championship game, with 6 teams coming away victorious. The U10 Boys top division found two Kingdom teams vying for the title in a great 2-1 game. The final results of all teams and championship games can be found below.

U08 Silver > Kingdom Academy Royal: Finalists (Coach Minehart)
U09 Silver > Kingdom 04 Grey: Champions (Coach Hess/Tiller)
U09 Gold > Kingdom 04 Black: Champions (Coach Lentz)
U10 Silver > Kingdom 03 Blue: Finalists (Coach Raak)
U10 Gold > Kingdom 03 Grey: Champi...ons (Coach Haines)
U11 Gold > Kingdom 02 Red: Finalists (Coach Chibende)
U12 Silver > Kingdom 01 Black: Finalists (Coach Kinner)
U12 Gold > Kingdom 01 Red: Finalists (Coach Cedillo/Lindahl)
U14 Gold > Kingdom Premier 99: Finalits (Coach Ross)
U16 Gold > Kingdom Premier 98: Champions (Coach Bulley)
U16 Gold > Kingdom Elite 97: Finalists (Coach Butcher)

U09 Silver > Kingdom Academy Purple: Finalists (Coach Olaffson)
U09 Silver > Kingdom 04 Blue: Champions (Coach Fonseca)
U09 Gold > Kingdom 04 White: Finalists (Coach Griffin)
U10 Silver > Kingdom 03 Silver: Finalists (Coach Michaels)
U10 Gold > Kingdom 03 White: Champions (Coach Minehart/Scheel)
U13 Silver > Kingdom 00 Black: Finalists (Coach Haines/Zoeller)

Crusader Cup Final Results

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