Athlete Wellbeing

When it comes to supporting youth athletes, Kingdom values the importance of working on both players’ physical and mental game. Each season, coaches and players are taken through Athlete Wellbeing sessions that will help to support them in a number of areas. Mia Leibold of Rose Wellbeing grew up playing youth soccer in the Kalamazoo area and went on to play division one soccer at Oakland University. Mia works with teams to encourage well rounded players in the areas of mental health wellbeing, team building and recovery. Through these training sessions, we touch on the importance of each area and how time spent on these skills contributes to youth athletes success both on and off the field. It is never too early to start introducing skills that players will use to build confidence and communicate with others. Personalized recovery sessions are focused on educating your athletes on how to better care for their own bodies as they work hard to excel. Through these team sessions, Rose Wellbeing provides real life examples and tools to assist our athletes through each season.

Each session covers these three areas : Mindset, Team Building, Recovery

Each hour long team session cost $100

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