Tournaments FAQ

Can we stay overnight in our RV at the tournament?

Overnight camping is not allowed at the tournament sites, but you could stay at Cold Brook or Markin Glen. For more information, call 269-383-8778 to make a reservation.

Can we put up a team tent at the tournament?

Team tents can be put up but can be no larger than a 10 x 10 and must be in an area that does not disrupt the flow of traffic.

How do I find scores for the tournament?

All of the scores are found on our mobile app in the Apple Store or Google Play Store under Kingdom Sports.  We encourage everyone to download the mobile app to get field maps, updates, scores, and more!

Can we grill at the tournament?

Grilling is permitted but only in designated picnic areas and never near the soccer fields or paths of foot traffic.

Can we bring dogs to the tournament?

Dogs are permitted at the tournament as long as you keep them on a leash, clean up after them, and follow any park rules.  River Oaks Park actually has a dog park area!

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